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September, 28, 12:00
Conference Hall

Vending and other kinds of retail business

There is an opinion that the vending machines can be nothing but competitors of non-automated trade outlets. At the same time a considerable global and growing domestic experience witness that the two kinds of retail trade can successfully coexist, supplementing and amplifying each other. Being inferior to the traditional shops in the respect of the range of goods, the vending machines are superior in the aspects of compactness, ability to work round the clock; they do not need the presence of the shop-assistant (with all accompanying circumstances), eliminate the very chance of stealing, etc. All above-stated can be confirmed by concrete examples.

How to choose the payment systems for the vending and gaming machines

How could we help those who are engaged in vending business and, first of all, the novices to make a right choice being faced by the variety of the payment systems? What criteria are to be used making this choice? Is there a universal formula allowing to optimize the solution? To discuss the subject all the persons feeling interested are invited, including the designers and the manufacturers of the equipment, vending nets’ operators and the service stuff.

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