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Exhibitors | Stand Construction


  • Before you start to build up a design stand, consider its functionality before the beauty of the construction;
  • Be sure to confirm the build-up and removal times with the construction company. Check the concurrence of the constructors' timing with the time allocated for build-up and removal by SSE organizers;
  • Check the number of contractors assigned to build up or remove your stand;
  • All forfeits, delays and faulty and/or inadequate documentation are chargeable; you and your company can loose money on that.


  • Sometimes a small stand, clever carpet and smart name board will do the trick; client will just stick to you;
  • Idle consuming of coffee by the stand and passive contemplation will do you no good;
  • It is counterproductive to save on the personnel: better hire several people to make sure that someone is always at the stand;
  • Remember, there is no lunch breaks during the exhibition;
  • Explore the exhibition, watch other companies present, make acquaintances and connections, hand out name cards and leaflets;
  • Make sure beforehand you have all presentation materials you need: name cards, leaflets, advertisement brochures and posters. Do not neglect media advertisement; let people know your name, number of your stand and its position in the exhibition hall;
  • Use indirect advertisement vigorously: beams, leaflets on the registration counter, logos on the invitations etc (please, refer to the Exhibitor Manual for other options);
  • CRM is the key to success: create a database of all contacts, connections and meetings;
  • Be sure you've collected all the name cards;
  • If you lock yourself in the conference room and leave the stand unattended, visitors can assume that the stand is overall empty or just would refrain from disturbing you;
  • Do not use casual people for the exhibition. Thought like «my buddy won't charge us much» or «I'll get the model on the stand — client will fall into our arms gasping» will not work. Each person you hire needs to be trained, he (or she) should not merely know well all necessary information, but know the most important provisions and numbers by heart (you will check their knowledge before the exhibition, won't you?).


To make your life easier:
  • Be sure to read the exhibitor manual carefully, especially, the dates and time of equipment shipping-in and out and stand building;
  • Schedule the delivery of equipment after the space marking (end of the first build-up day);
  • Please, refrain from hoarding up your equipment on the space of neighbor stands; it will impede their construction;
  • Let the driver who drives the truck with your equipment know the way to the Crocus, choose the shortest cut (take into account traffic jams in Moscow). Chart of the assembly gates is available in the Exhibitor Manual;
  • You should consider sending a representative of your company who will oversee the build-up and pull-down process;
  • Although the build-up/removal may take place on the weekend, it is recommended to have at your office someone who can solve possible technical and financial problems on that day. Please, do not switch your mobile phones off!


  • On the second day of each exhibition our employee will give you a new plan and a Contract of Exhibitor;
  • All you have to do is just consider the position and size of your current stand. If you are satisfied, fill in the Contract, mark your stand position, and check its size and you'll get the highest discount for the next exhibition;
  • Make sure to confirm your decision to reserve the stand for the next exhibition; bring the Contract to the office of Organizing Committee and state your decision orally;
  • If you are not happy with current position of your stand and you want to change it, do not postpone your visit to the Organizing Committee. Remember, the earlier you express your suggestions, the faster and easier they will be fulfilled.


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