vending machines, transaction kiosks, ATMs, information kiosks, internet kiosks, ticket kiosks, transaction systems, accessories for vending machines and kiosks, processing companies, software/hardware

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Self -Service Exhibition 2007 is the first Russian trade show featuring kiosks, vending machines, ATMs and equipment for self-service industry.

  • vending machines
  • transaction kiosks
  • ATMs 
  • information kiosks
  • internet kiosks
  • ticket kiosks
  • transaction systems
  • accessories for vending machines and kiosks
  • processing companies
  • software/hardware
  • conference program and seminars
Effective and profitable solutions for:
  • retail owners and management
  • services industry professionals
  • transport companies
  • medical institutions
  • educational institutions
  • supermarkets and malls operators
  • restaurants
  • hotels
  • development companies
  • banks
  • amusement industry

Self-Service Exhibition 2007
October 3−5 
Crocus Expo

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